Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency just after Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is not just a currency. Its blockchain platform can work as an infrastructure platform that can be used to perform a number of economic tasks.

Ethereum’s blockchain can execute smart contracts, which powers decentralized applications(Dapps) like Defi

With so many crypto projects launching, have you ever wondered from where they get all the funding?

Is it possible for you to invest in some project that you really like and feel is going to be successful?

Initial coin offering(ICO) is a way for everyone to invest in startups…


Today we are going to talk about tokens. No not the ones that you get in a gaming zone to play all kinds of games. Although, the concept is somewhat the same. We are going to talk about tokens in blockchain technology.

With the rise in blockchain technology and…

Let’s say you bought some Ethereum and now it’s sitting ideal in your wallet or crypto account. But what if you can reinvest the Ethereum you own without selling it and in return, earning more cryptocurrency.

One of the ways you can earn more cryptocurrency from your existing cryptocurrency is…

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In today’s article, let’s go deep into what are smart contracts.

Imagine a system in which, to take a loan you have to enter the amount and give collateral and after verifying you’ll get the amount you desired while sitting in your home on your favourite chair. …

what are defi and is it the future

Cryptocurrencies are designed to give more control to the people using them and less control to governments and authorities.

One of those methods is DeFi which stands for Decentralized Finance. DeFi to according the crypto community is something that can change the financial system

In this article, I’m going to…

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